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I caught my wife sucking some guy's cock in her car, in the parking lot of a bar. We were having a couple of drinks and this tall, handsome dude began to talk with her. He seemed nice and friendly and the three of us chatted for some time.

I was challenged to a game of pool by another patron so I obliged. I had quite a few in me so I wasn't at my best. I left my wife and the dude at the bar still gabbing away. One game turned into another, and another, and another. I was so occupied playing, I hadn't noticed that they slipped away. I was some time before I noticed they were gone. I figured she was in the ladies room. So I waited, but she never came out.

I asked some babe that came out if my wife was in there. She told me no one was in there. I became a little concerned. I looked outside and saw that her car was still there. I went to turn around to back inside when I realized that her windows were steamed up. I walked over to the car and could just about make out some movement within.

I grabbed for the door handle and swung the door open. There she was with his cock in her mouth, sucking away. They were so loaded that they didn't react to my presence. I was pretty loaded too so I watched her finish him off. As she sucked his cock, my own cock became rock hard. I crawled into the car just in time to see him shoot his load in her mouth.

 He must have came a tremendous amount of jism because it was seeping and dripping from her lips. She swallowed it and licked the rest from her lips and mouth. I told her to take her cloths off. She did as I requested and I fucked her there in the back seat. The dude watched us fuck and his cock was beginning to rise again. 

What a great turn on to fuck my wife in front of a total stranger. I shot my load in her pussy and almost before I pulled out, the dude was in the back seat waiting for his turn. I climbed over to the front as he inserted his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He fucked her good. She wrapped her legs around his back and was fucking him back. As he was about to cum, he pulled it out and shot all over my wife's tits.

We got dressed and returned to the bar, had another drink and went on our way. We left the dude at the bar, never even knowing his name. The next day we both realized what took place and talked about maybe trying it again sometime.


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